Past winners

Some past recipients of an Academy Scholarship

Two awards were granted in 2023, the first to a doctor from Sierra Leone who is aiming to attend the Aerospace Medicine MSc at King’s College, London and the second to support a doctor on a residency programme in Aerospace Medicine in Indonesia.

The winner of the scholarship award in 2022 was a doctor from Kenya who is also intending to study for a Masters in Aerospace Medicine at King’s College, London.

Two scholarships were awarded in 2021. The first gave support to a doctor from Ethiopia undertaking a PhD in Aerospace Medicine at Otago University and the second enabled a doctor from Colombia to continue her residency programme in aerospace medicine.

In 2020 an award was granted to a doctor from Nigeria to enable him to complete his aerospace medicine studies at King’s College, London.

The 2019 Scholarship was awarded to a doctor from Sudan, whose acceptance on a training course has been delayed, primarily due to the impact of COVID 19 on education establishments.

In 2018 three scholarships were awarded, to doctors from Mauritius (to study at King's College, UK), from Nigeria (to study at Otago University, New Zealand) and from Indonesia (to study at Jakarta, Indonesia).

In 2017 the Academy was fortunate to receive a large donation from the UK Civil Aviation Authority International (CAAi) which provided funds for the main award. This helped support a doctor from Malaysia to complete an MSc in aerospace medicine at Kings College, UK. Two smaller scholarships were also awarded, to two doctors, one from Myanmar to attend an EASA advanced course in aviation medicine at Kings College, UK and one from Colombia, to complete his third and final year of residency in aerospace medicine at the University of Colombia, Bogota.

No scholarship was awarded in 2015, but in 2016 two scholarships were awarded, to assist two doctors in their third and final years of residency in aerospace medicine at the National University of Colombia, Bogota.

The recipient of the Scholarship for 2014 was from Ghana. He completed the MS in Aerospace Medicine at Wright State University in 2016. In 2014 the Academy also awarded a Scholarship to a doctor from Tanzania to study on a short course at Kings College, UK.

The recipient of the Scholarship for 2013 was from Iran. She undertook the Aerospace Medicine Masters program at Wright State University in 2015.

The recipient of the Scholarship for 2012 was from Colombia. She completed her studies at the National University of Colombia.

The recipient of the Scholarship for 2011 was from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The doctor completed his studies at Wright State University, United States, has now returned to his country and is very active in aviation medicine.

Focus on Past Scholars

Dr Radistrya Sekaranti Brahmanti
Radistrya was awarded an IAASM scholarship in 2018 and has been undertaking a Residency Programme in Aerospace Medicine in Indonesia for the past 3 years. She has recently graduated as a Specialist in Aerospace Medicine and is keen to further develop aerospace medical practice in Indonesia. She has been offered and has accepted a position on the staff in the Residency Programme at the University. Her own words best describe the value of the IAASM Scholarship award to her:

Since obtaining my medical degree, I have wanted to specialize in aerospace medicine. In 2018, I was awarded with the IAASM Scholarship to attend the aerospace medicine residency program at Universitas Indonesia.

Besides the financial aid provided by the scholarship, I also had regular correspondence with the scholarship committee whose support has been very valuable throughout my education.

I am proud to say that I have graduated cum laude and achieved one of my main career goals as an aerospace medicine specialist degree in Indonesia and am looking forward to developing this field of study in my country. All of this would not be possible without the help of the IAASM Scholarship, which I am very grateful for.


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