Corporate Membership

Corporate Members are an important part of the Academy. They support our educational work and scholarship awards. Corporate Membership is currently US$250 per year though some Corporate Members choose to give substantially more, sometimes to support individual grants. Corporate Members are invited to attend the General Assemblies of the Academy though do not have a vote on resolutions and also may attend webinars and other educational events.

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Member please contact the Secretary General on

Corporate membership is available to scientific, industrial and professional organizations supporting the advancement of Aviation and Space Medicine and wishing to support the educational and/or philanthropic objectives of the International Academy. 

The ‘Vision’ of the International Academy is to be the pre-eminent international, multi-disciplinary organization in aviation and space medicine, through the leadership, knowledge and collaboration of its members.

Its ‘Mission’ is to provide international leadership and mentorship and to advance the knowledge and understanding of aviation and space medicine, through worldwide initiatives in education, training, research and practice.

It aims to achieve these objectives by:

· Supporting the development and application of scientific knowledge and promoting and enhancing the health, safety and performance of those involved in aviation and space activities
· Providing continuing education and scholarship opportunities to facilitate career development, operational effectiveness and the sustained implementation of the IAASM mission
· Delivering a professional research and education based scientific program that addresses pertinent issues, in a unique international Congress, on an annual basis
· Cultivating and expanding relationships to improve global outreach and advocacy of the IAASM
· Strengthening individual and corporate membership, with increasing cultural diversity of new members and retention of existing members
· Managing its finances through effective governance and leadership to ensure fiscal accountability and economic stability   

The International Academy has an active Scholarship Program that supports young Aviation and Space Medicine practitioners in areas of the world that are underserved with aeromedical expertise.                                                             

Eligibility for Corporate Membership

Entities with an interest, experience or product related to aviation or space medicine will be considered for corporate membership. The following corporations and organizations are eligible to apply for membership:

· Aeromedical equipment manufacturers
· Aerospace engineering/manufacturing
· Aerospace medicine organizations
· Aerospace physiology organizations
· Air Transportation companies and corporations, ATC organizations
· Aeromedical transportation/organizations
· Environmental health organizations and companies in aviation and space medicine
· Health care service organizations in aviation and space medicine
· Human factor/behavioral physiology organizations with primary efforts in the Aviation or Space field
· Human factors/engineering companies/organizations in aviation and space medicine
· Life sciences research
· Aeromedical nursing services organizations
· Occupational medicine companies/organizations particularly directed to Aviation and Space medicine

The entity under which application is made will be required to be defined by the applicant organization.

Benefits of Membership:

Benefits of Membership include:  

a) Designation as a Corporate Member.

b) Being listed as a Corporate Member in published literature and electronic information about the IAASM.

c) The option to indicate in commercial advertising that the entity is a Corporate Member of the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine.

d) Receiving notification of all International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine activities to include the annual meetings conducted at the Aerospace Medical Association (in Spring) and the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine Scientific Congress (in the Fall). 

e) Participation in Academy events conducted at the annual international scientific Congress of the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine.

f) The opportunity to network with Members of the Academy including other Corporate Members.

Please note that Corporate Members cannot hold office in, nor vote at meetings of, the Academy. 

Procedure for Application:

1) The organization wishing to become a Corporate Member of the International Academy of Aviation Medicine should complete the application form for Corporate Membership of IAASM. 

2) The application form should be sent to the Secretary General:

Dr Sally Evans

3) A non-refundable application fee of US$300 (plus any applicable bank charges) is payable prior to the application being considered by the Council of the Academy. The Secretary General will contact you with instructions on how to pay the application fee by bank transfer or credit card.

Note: the application fee also covers the subscription for the remainder of the year of application. 

Responsibilities of the Applicant:

a) The organization shall designate one member to receive communications from, and to attend the meetings and functions of, the International Academy.  Should this individual be unavailable an alternate member may be designated by the organization to attend.

b) The applicant organization shall certify that the entity and its directors, staff members and employees have not been disbarred from receiving government contracts or payments and that it is not under any fraud or current investigation by any state, federal or government agency.

c) The entity and/or the designated member will immediately notify the Secretary General of any adverse action, as above, or any other action which could bring discredit to the Academy.

Annual Dues:

An annual contribution of US$250.00 is required to maintain Corporate Membership of the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine, payable in the first quarter of each year.

Approval of Membership:

a) Each Corporate Membership application will be reviewed and approved or rejected by the Executive Council of the International Academy.

b) The Secretary General will notify the applicant of approval or rejection following the Council meeting at which the application is reviewed.


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