Corporate Membership

What is an Academy Corporate Member: 

Corporate Members are an integral part of the Academy. They support various facets of the Academy, including educational effort and scholarship awards. They serve as the gateway to the wealth of knowledge, experience, technology and innovation, supporting the profession of aviation and space medicine. 

Corporate Membership is currently US$250 per year, though some choose to give substantially more. 

If your organization is interested in becoming a Corporate Member, please contact the Secretary General: Dr Sally Evans (email:

Corporate Membership Eligibility:

Entities with an interest, experience or product related to aviation or space medicine will be considered for Corporate Membership. This includes:

  • Aerospace medicine / physiology organizations
  • Aeromedical nursing services organizations
  • Aeromedical transportation organizations
  • Aeromedical equipment manufacturers
  • Aerospace engineering/manufacturing
  • Air Transportation and ATC organizations
  • Health care, occupational health and environmental health organizations in aviation and space medicine
  • Human factors / physiology / psychology / life sciences organizations with key efforts in the field of aviation or space field 

Membership Benefits:

Benefits of Corporate Membership include:   

a) Designation as an Academy Corporate Member.
b) Being listed as a Corporate Member in published literature and electronic information about the Academy. 
c) Option to indicate in commercial advertising that the entity is an Academy Corporate Member. 
d) Receiving notification of all Academy activities (including the annual Academy Congresses and the Aerospace Medical Association Meetings). 
e) Participation in Academy events conducted at the annual Academy Congresses. 
f) Opportunity to network with Individual and Corporate Members of the Academy. 

Note: Corporate Members cannot hold office in, nor vote at meetings of, the Academy. 

Application Procedure: 

1) Complete the Application Form.  


2) Submit the Application Form to the Secretary General: Dr Sally Evans (e-mail:

3) A non-refundable Application Fee of US$300 (plus any applicable bank charges) is payable prior to the application being considered by the Academy

Note: the application fee also covers the subscription for the remainder of the year of application.  

The Secretary General will provide the payment instructions. 

Annual Dues:

The annual dues for Corporate Membership is US$250, payable in the first quarter of each calendar year.

Responsibilities of the Applicant: 

a) The organization shall designate one member to receive communications from, and to attend the meetings and functions of, the Academy. Should this individual be unavailable, an alternate member may be designated by the organization to attend. 
b) The applicant organization shall certify that the entity and its directors, staff members and employees have not been disbarred from receiving government contracts or payments and that it is not under any fraud or current investigation by any state, federal or government agency. 
c) The entity and/or the designated member will immediately notify the Secretary General of any adverse action, as above, or any other action which could bring discredit to the Academy.


Membership Approval Process: 

a) Application will be reviewed and be approved or rejected by the Council of the Academy. 
b) The Secretary General will notify the applicant of the decision following the Council meeting at which the application is reviewed.

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