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Aviation Medicine Scholarship

The International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine has a well-established Scholarship Programme, the aims of which are to enable young physicians commencing a career in aerospace medicine to undertake training in the specialty. The Scholarship can be used to facilitate attendance at a formal training course, or participation in a work programme (one year or more, structured towards educational goals) in a recognized aerospace medicine institute. The scholarship is currently US $ 20,000.00

The following links represent some of the institutions that offer postgraduate training or work programme in Aviation Medicine:

- Wright State University

- University of Texas Medical Branch

- King's College UK

- Civil Aviation Medicine Institute FAA

- Mayo Clinic

The recipient of the Scholarship for 2011 was Dr. Nathan Buila from D.R. Congo. He completed his studies at Wright State University. Dr. Buila has now returned in his country and is very active in aviation medicine.

The recipient of the Scholarship for 2012 was Dr. Sandra Liliana Jimenez-Restrepo from Colombia. She completed her studies at the National University of Colombia.

The recipient of the Scholarship for 2013 is Dr. Sholeh Bazrafshan Kondori from Iran. She was supposed to begin the Aerospace Medicine Master program at Wright State University in 2014. Unfortunately her Visa did not come through in time; however, Wright State University is keeping her a place for 2015.

The recipient of the Scholarships for 2014 is Dr. Issaka Yakubu Akparibo, from Ghana. He has been accepted to do the MS in Aerospace Medicine at Wright State University in 2015.

In 2014, the Academy also accepted a request for a short course in Aviation Medicine and gave a Scholarship to Dr Alexander Y. Mkwisu of Tanzania. Dr Mkwisu took the course at King's College, UK.

Scholarship Application Form

Individuals wishing to apply for this Scholarship may print a copy of the Scholarship Application Form in English or French. These forms are in PDF format for which you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or the full Adobe Acrobat program. Before applying, the applicant must contact the institution where he/she intends to pursue his/her studies and find out if an English test is required. If so, the test must be taken and passed before applying for the Scholarship.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Richard Tan, Chairman
CEO / Medical Director, Singapore Aeromedical Centre, 492, Airport Road, Singapore 539945

Telephone: (65) 6488 0628

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