International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine
Académie Internationale de Médecine Aéronautique et Spatiale

Organization: The Academy is managed by the President, President-Elect, immediate Past President, four Directors, a Chancellor, the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General and two governing bodies: the Council and the General Assembly. In addition, the business of the Academy is distributed amongst several Standing Committees i.e: Nominating Committee; Selectors Committee; Scholarship Committee, and the Scientific Committee. The Secretariat has been located in the United States, Belgium, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Portugal, New Zealand, and currently is in Canada.
For more information contact the Secretary General, Dr Anthony Evans by email:

Dr. Melchor J. Antuñano (USA)


Dr. James Vanderploeg (USA)


Dr Jarnail Singh (Singapore)

Dr. Patrick Reddington Rodriguez (France)

Dr. Quay Snyder (USA)

Dr. Anthony Wagstaff (Norway)

Dr. Richard Tan (Singapore)

Dr. David Gradwell (UK)


Dr. Anthony Evans (Canada)


Dr. Sally Ann Evans (UK)


President: Dr Melchor J. Antuñano (USA)

Past President: Dr. Jarnail Singh (Singapore)

President-Elect: Dr. James Vanderploeg (USA)

Directors: Dr. Patrick Reddington Rodriguez (France)

Dr. Quay Snyder (USA), Dr. Anthony Wagstaff (Norway)

Dr. Richard Tan (Singapore)

Chancellor: Dr.David Gradwell (UK)

Secretary General: Dr.Anthony Evans (Canada)

Deputy Secretary General: Dr. Sally Ann Evans (UK)

Dr. Jarnail Singh (Singapore) Chair

Prof. Anthony Batchelor (UK)

Dr. Michael Berry (USA)

Dr. Melchor Antuñano (USA)

Dr. James Vanderploeg (USA)

Chancellor - Dr. David Gradwell, Chair - UK
Dr. Natasa Dojcinovski, Slovenia
Dr. Punita Masrani, India
Dr. Ian Mollan, UK
Dr. Claudia Stern, Germany
Dr. Joseph Faktor, Israel
Dr. David Salisbury, Canada
Dr. Chun Hon Chong, Singapore
Dr. Marian Macri, Romania
Dr. Swee Weng Fan, USA
Dr. Glenn Merchant, USA


Dr Richard Tan- Singapore (Chair)

Dr Marian Sides - USA

Dr Ansa Jordaan - South Africa

Dr Francisco Rios Tejada - Spain

Dr Sutuspun Kajornboon- Thailand

Dr.John Crowley- USA (Chair)

Dr. Geoff McCarthy, USA

Dr. Adrian Smith, Australia

Dr. Sanjiv Sharma, Singapore

Dr. René Germa, France

Dr. Roland Vermieiren, Belgium

Dr. Jim Webb, USA

Dr. Nigel Dowdall, UK

Dr. Paulo Alves, USA

Dr. Robert Orford (USA)


News Updates

2017 ICASM

The 2017 International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine (ICASM) was held in Rome, Italy

Meeting Content from ICASM 2017:

Oral Presentation Abstracts, Poster Presentation Abstracts,
Individual Abstracts and PowerPoint PDFs, CME


View the abstracts from ICASM 2015 (Oxford, UK):
Oral Presentations
Poster Presentations